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from BuiLding an EgO by BLEO



Written for the Hexawe c64 competition:



9 42 69 13 67


recorded 6/30/2009 in the upsairs basement live out the magical headphone jack of the GP2X f-100

thanks to the hexmen for the tech, the sound, the tone and the inspirations



20:21:08 <specialki>: tug the midrange drop the bass
20:21:49 <dotdummy>: you're a rapper now?
20:22:04 <specialki>: i fucking wish
20:22:09 <specialki>: i has no flow ;_;
20:22:29 <dotdummy>: i has flow but an annoying voice :(
20:22:46 <specialki>: at least you can assemble sentences that make sense
20:22:58 <dotdummy>: that one made sense
20:23:45 <dotdummy>: fuck i'm bored
20:24:04 <dotdummy>: i worked too hard today and finished everything on my todo list for today AND tomorrow
20:24:05 <specialki>: those rare times when a have enough whiskey in me to find courage to freestyle i always just focus on rhyme scheme and completely disregard making sense.
20:24:20 <specialki>: ahead of sched i see
20:24:43 <dotdummy>: i can't freestyle, i'm all prepared styleez
20:24:56 <dotdummy>: my brain is slow
20:25:10 <specialki>: i cant and dont, but i have a few friends that are pretty dizamn good at it and sometimes they inspire me to try my hand at it
20:25:18 <specialki>: art skool kidz
20:25:22 <dotdummy>: i actually think i'm dyslexic like theo huxtable
20:25:37 <specialki>: elbatxuh oeht
20:25:41 <specialki>: bleo huxtable
20:25:42 <dotdummy>: hehheee
20:25:46 <dotdummy>: LOL!
20:25:56 <specialki>: hawwww
20:26:21 * dotdummy notes that for the c64 comp
20:26:23 <herr_prof>: bleo suxtable
20:26:53 <dotdummy>: once again, herr_prof beats me down like none other
20:27:05 <dotdummy>: you're so good at that!
20:27:10 <lenox>: "200 RIM Jobs Created In Atlanta"
20:27:16 <lenox>: might wanna rethink that news title
20:27:30 <herr_prof>: there is a pitcher named bartolo clon
20:27:39 <herr_prof>: and one game headlines was
20:27:53 <herr_prof>: boston gets a taste of angel's colon
20:28:00 <dotdummy>: ok, that tears it: 200 Rim Jobs" by BLEO HUXTABLE will be my c64 comp title
20:28:06 <herr_prof>: and they got away with it
20:28:25 <dotdummy>: no, HEXTABLE
20:28:34 <lenox>: haha
20:28:42 <lenox>: hah
20:28:50 <specialki>: hah
20:29:04 <dotdummy>: and it will feature exactly 200 rim shots in the song
20:29:10 <lenox>: haha
20:29:18 <budmelvin>: 200 rim shots! oh yeah


(bleo is in big trouble dudes)


from BuiLding an EgO, track released November 24, 2009




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